Improving Plan Efficiency

Improving Plan EfficiencyMaximizing Return on Investment

Every plan sponsor should have a goal of maximizing the return on their investment. Likewise, the plan sponsor and plan fiduciaries should make every effort to maximize the return on investment received by plan participants relative to the dollars they pay for their retirement plan services. With this goal in mind, service providers can play a key role in achieving your desired results.

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Maximizing Plan Design

Maximizing Plan DesignIncreasing Employee Impact

Combining the great number of plan options with the vast universe of available investments can make plan design a complex undertaking. However, with the goal of maximizing outcomes for a diverse population of plan participants, our main objective is to assist our clients in simultaneously simplifying their plan design.

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Building a Strong Foundation

Building a Strong FoundationPlan Compliance and Governance

Plan fiduciaries accept personal financial liability associated with their roles in managing ERISA benefit plans. In order to mitigate this personal risk, every fiduciary needs to understand core ERISA requirements and be informed of the boundaries within which he or she must operate.

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Plan Governance

How to Build and Run a Retirement Plan Committee

For any retirement plan, establishing an effective decision-making group fosters more diverse ideas and opinions. It also challenges the status quo to help create a more successful plan. That’s why an important first step in fulfilling plan governance requirements is establishing a retirement plan committee.

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